Days of Palestine

Sunday, March 26

Hamas accepts Palestinian efforts to end divisions

Days of Palestine -

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh announced today that his movement had accepted an initiative launched by Palestinian factions to end internal Palestinian division.

During a meeting attended by representatives of the Palestinians factions held in his house, Haniyeh said: “This meeting is being held to announce our reply to the initiatives of the leaders of the Palestinian factions which included a national vision to achieve unity and end the division.”

He added: “I welcome all of the leaders of the national Palestinian factions who introduced this initiative, aiming to achieve Palestinian unity.”

“I announce the agreement and acceptance of this national initiative completely and without any modification, notes or conditions.”

“I hope that the leaders of the Palestinian faction succeed in completing their mission with our brothers – Fatah.”

He stressed that this initiative would be the starting point for regaining Palestinian unity and ending the Palestinian division, adding that Hamas is willing to hold presidential and parliamentary elections and to the formation of a national unity government.

Haniyeh concluded his speech, saying: “I am honoured to submit the official reply of the Hamas Movement to the leaders of the national Palestinian factions.”