Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

IOA allows PA to get military vehicles, bars entry of balloons to Gaza

Days of Palestine -

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has allowed the Palestinian Authority security forces to receive US-funded armored vehicles from Jordan and announced it prevented shipments of child balloons from entering the Gaza Strip.

According to Israel’s channel 12, the Israeli authorities in Ashdod port obtained information from security officials about the presence of shipments of about one million balloons intended for Gaza.

The IOA claimed the balloons would have been used by groups in Gaza to launch arson and explosive attacks on Israeli areas, adding that a man was exploiting his Israeli nationality to evade security checks on the shipments he was intending to export to Gaza.

Meanwhile, the IOA allowed the PA to receive new military vehicles for its security forces in the West Bank to use them in their campaigns against Palestinian citizens and to protect Israel’s security and citizens.

The vehicles were funded by the US but equipped and armored in Jordan, where PA security elements were trained to drive and use them.