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Sunday, February 5

Media Campaign To Mark the 71st anniversary of Nakba

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Days Of Palestine Team,

A media campaign was launched on Tuesday, March 15th, to shed light on the 71st anniversary of Nakba.

Nakba in Palestine describes a process of ethnic cleansing in which an unarmed nation was destroyed and its population displaced systematically by gangs and individuals from all over the world.

The Days of Palestine's team launched the "Twitter Storm" under the hashtags #Nakba71and #GreatReturnMarch, calling the world to stand with Palestine and not forget the Israeli crimes committed by Israel in 1948 which resulted in the displacement of 800,000 out of the 1.4 million Palestinians who lived in historical Palestine in 1948 in 1,300 villages and towns.

“We are aiming to highlight attention to the Israeli war crimes perpetrated against Palestinians since 1948,” said Shoaib, one of the campaign organizers.

The Days of Palestine team members also clarified that the campaign, which is set to run until May 16, also aims to mobilize international public opinion of solidarity with Palestinians and work to lift the Gaza siege.

The number of Palestinian and Arab martyrs since the Nakba in 1948 up to the present day (inside and outside Palestine) has reached about 100,000 martyrs. The number of martyrs killed between September 29th, 2000 and May 7th 2019 was 10,853.

The bloodiest year was 2014 with 2,240 Palestinian martyrs, of whom 2,181 were from Gaza Strip. The number of Palestinian martyrs reached 312 persons during the year 2018, out of whom 57 were children and 3 women. The Israeli occupation also continues to detain the bodies of 15 martyrs.

“We thank all activists and institutions supporting the Palestinian cause who joined us with their efforts and contributed to convey the voice of the Palestinian people to the world by exposing the practices of the occupation which violate the most basic rights recognized by international laws,” Bahaa Shammala said.