Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

FNV Drops HP as Partner for its Member Offers

Days of Palestine -

As a remarkable victory for the Boycott HP campaign and the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement ( BDS), Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV), the largest trade union of the Netherlands, with 1.1 million members, has dropped HP as a partner in their offers to their members. 

HP has provided services to the Israeli Navy with its illegal blockade of Gaza. For instance, HP helps in maintaining the Basel system, the biometric access control system used to racially profile Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints, and the record systems for Israeli prisons.

 “as long as we do not know for certain that HP is not complicit in human rights abuses, we will no longer include them as an offer in FNV Membership Offers”, the union comments.