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Sunday, January 29

Security source: plans to ignite internal fighting in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Days Of Palestine [ Gaza ] – A Palestinian security source revealed to Arab 21 details of a long-term plan improvised by the security services of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, to "ignite internal conflict and chaos in the Gaza Strip in preparation for changing the political reality there."

 According to an anonymous source, the plan, which is directly supervised by the Director General of the Intelligence Service in Ramallah, Majed Faraj, aims to provoke chaos and inflame the street in the Gaza Strip, and sabotage the agreement and coordination between Hamas, which manages the affairs of the Gaza Strip, and the other Palestinian factions, especially the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Islamic Jihad.

 In the details of the plan, the security services in Ramallah "formed a cell to carry out this plan last January, taking advantage of the difficult humanitarian conditions in the Strip and the punitive measures imposed by President Abbas about two years ago, to incite the street against Hamas and to hold them responsible for the financial and economic crises experienced by the people of Gaza.”

The source pointed out that the plan was aimed at thwarting the first anniversary of the “March of Return and Land Day” on the borders of the Gaza Strip, at the time when preparations led by the National Authority for Return and break the siege were underway. The aim was to sabotage the national consensus among factions in Gaza, and to cause confrontations in the Strip by creating a state of disorder and confusion. 

 A Two-Phase Plan

The source also revealed to Arab21: "The plan consists of two parts, one through media and the other on the ground.  The plan is to spread rumors and fabricated news about the living conditions in Gaza to fuel anger of the public and form a public opinion opposing Hamas prompting a response from the citizens on the ground to any calls to protest under the pretext of protest of bad economic conditions. "

According to the source, the basic tools used in the plan are members from the security services of the Palestinian Authority, who have abstained from work since the events of division in 2007.

According to the confessions of a number of detainees held by the security services of Hamas in Gaza, these members have been blackmailed by their officials to engage in the scheme in return for ensuring  payment of their salaries by the Authority or the return of suspended salaries.

The source pointed out that the actual leaders of the plan are a number of senior officers in Ramallah. According to the confessions of detainees in Gaza, the most prominent of these officers are: "Bahaa B.", "Munther S.", "Refaat k.", "Bassam S. "" Safwat H. "" Shaaban G. “all of whom moved from Gaza to the West Bank after the events of internal division in 2007. 

 According to the source and the confessions of the detainees, the implementation of the plan  began in mid-March by calls through  social media  for people to  demonstrate in a number of places throughout the Strip against the high prices and taxes under the name of "We Want to  live."

The source said that a number of Gazan activists residing abroad issued the invitations, and participated in the same scheme by inciting people to demonstrate and launch slogans against Hamas and the administration in Gaza.

 Destruction of understandings

According to the source, documented confessions by the detainees indicate that the M.T. who is originally from Jabalya refugee camp and has been residing in the West Bank since last January  played a vital role in implementing the plan due to his personal connections with members of the Authority and the security services. He succeeded in recruiting some young people from the Gaza Strip to lead the demonstrations and the movement in return for providing them with money and facilitations in certain areas, the source said.

 In addition to the abovementioned person, a number of other people have also taken part in leading the invitations to demonstrate: "SA", "MK", "RA", "NA" and "MN", all of whom are youth from the Gaza Strip living abroad.