Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Hamas values Qatar’s role in ending Gaza siege

Days of Palestine -

The Hamas Movement has said it appreciates the Qatari role in breaking the blockade on the Gaza Strip, adding Qatar’s efforts are “central” and “reflects the nobility of the its leadership and people.” 

In a press release on Wednesday, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasem said that the Qatari efforts are not confined to helping Gaza but also to supporting the Palestinian cause in its entirety.

Spokesman Qasam affirmed that Qatar always played a prominent role in supporting the Palestinian rights politically in international events and meetings and through the media and showed keenness on helping Gaza financially during difficult times. 

As part of the recent efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza, the spokesman said there was a major Qatari role in addressing the humanitarian crises, especially with regard to salaries, electricity, employment and relief work.

He asserted that the recent Qatari role would have a great impact on the daily life in Gaza.