Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 8

AHRI in Gaza Condemns UN Postpone of the Black List

Days of Palestine -

On  March 18th, the Association of Human Rights Institutions (AHRI) sent a message to Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expressing its deep regret about the decision to postpone the publication of the Black List of the Israeli and foreign companies that operate directly or through agents in the Israeli settlements on the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

AHRI  stated that this postponing contradicts UN opening statement of 10 September 2018 and does not comply with the purposes for which the United Nations was established and with the purposes of the establishment and existence of the Human Rights Council. 

Furthermore, AHRI is concerned that by postponing,  the chances of accountability and the prospects for peace will  contribute to the continuation of the Israeli settlement projects will be undermined. 

It also hopes that UN will reconsider its decision and work to achieve justice for the Palestinian people in  light of  the international community provisions and decisions.