Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian journalists, reporters and cameramen continue to be deliberate targets of Israeli occupation.

A report issued by the Ministry of Information recorded 52 Israeli attacks on Palestinian journalists and reporters in January 2019. As per the report, January witnessed a massive escalation in attacks on journalists and reporters namely on the eastern borders of Gaza Strip near the separation fence and in the West Bank as well.

Various forms of aggression perpetrated against reporters and journalists have been recorded since the beginning of this year. These include incarceration, physical abuse, shooting and threatening.

Threats were made to deter reporters from covering news on Israeli incursions and violations against Palestinians. There were also 6 cases of storming into houses and confiscating of media equipment.

Shooting gas canisters and live  ammunition, Israeli occupation forces targeted reporters and journalists while covering the weekly Great Return March protests.