Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Israeli police fatally shoot Palestinian woman near Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

The Israeli police shot dead a Palestinian young woman at a checkpoint east of Occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that the Israeli police prevented medical staff from reaching the young woman and providing first aid to her while she was still injured.

Eyewitnesses confirmed hearing gunfire near az-Za'ayyem checkpoint, which is set up at the eastern entrance to Jerusalem city.

The Israeli police claimed that the young woman attempted to stab Israeli police officers, yet no injuries were reported on their side.

Since 2015, dozens of Palestinians, including children and women, have been shot dead by the Israeli forces at point-blank range over different allegations.

Palestinian expert Abdulnaser Farwana said that the Israeli occupation forces, following the 2015 elections, have stepped up their extra-judicial killing of Palestinian civilians.

Farwana stressed that this dangerous escalation in field execution is not an individual act. Rather, it falls in line with a systematic policy pursued by Israel's military and political institutions to intimidate the Palestinians.