Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Updates: Israeli fighters bombed residential, government buildings

Days of Palestine -

On day two for the Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation army said that it would continue and intensify its strikes, as well as to target more residential buildings.

Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli occupation said to have agreed on a ceasefire, starting from this evening.

Death: Palestinian citizen Khalid Ma'rouf, 29, was killed in a fresh Israeli airstrike.

Strikes: Fresh Israeli airstrikes in Rafah.

DeathBody of Palestinian citizen killed in an Israeli airstrike in the east of Gaza City, Mus'ab Hawwas, arrived in hospital.

DeathThe Palestinian, who was killed a while ago, was identified as Mus'ab Hawwas, 20.

Death: One Palestinian was killed and torn into pieces in an Israeli strike in the east of the Gaza City.

More strikesIsraeli media reported a spokesperson of the Israeli arm ysaying that it would bound Gaza with more intensive strikes.

Residential buildingsIsraeli fighters bombed and completely destroyed five multi-story residential buildings across the Gaza Strip since the night.

Death: One Palestinian, identified as Iyad al-Sultan, a farmer, was killed in an Israeli strike in his farm in Beit Lahiya.

The Israeli bombings turned hundreds of Gaza families homeless. To be without a home at this time of the year, during winter, is very difficult and unbearable.

Hundreds of children have been reported traumatised due to the heavy bombardment of the Israeli fighters and the continuous buzzing of the Israeli drones.

Schools, universities, banks and government offices were asked to close their doors in order to avoid being targeted by the Israeli occupation when there are masses of people there.

Israeli occupation has previously targeted schools and several places previously when there were masses of people and caused tens of casualties at the same time.

One Palestinian youth, Ahmad abdul-Al, from Rafah, was reported dead by an Israeli attack.

Israeli media reported more Israeli tanks and troops heading to the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip, preparing for a massive onslaught.