Days of Palestine

Wednesday, February 1

Israeli policewoman shot Palestinian man for ‘fun’

Days of Palestine -

Israeli border policewoman had been arrested over shooting Palestinian man in Jerusalem and wounding him just, as she recognsied, “for fun,” Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

While she was on a patrol near the Israeli military checkpoint called Al-Za’im in May this year, the Israeli policewoman shot the Palestinian at the back “without any apparent operational reason,” according to Ynet News.

After questioning, she was arrested over the shooting, as well as on charges of obstructing justice because she told an Israeli soldier who was questioned over the incident that she did not know anything about it.

On similar charges, four other Israeli border policemen were arrested, Ynet News reported, but they were released after questioning.

The source told Ynet News that when the “suspicions against them become clear, the Border Police will take the necessary steps to expel them from the force.”

As an introduction to clear the policewoman, he lawyer Itzik Cohen denied the charges and said “the real reason for the defendant's arrest is an attempt by the Police Investigation Unit to break her spirit and make her confess to an act she did not commit.”

Usually, Israeli judiciary either acquit the Israeli army and police criminals over charges of aggression on Palestinians or send them to prison for brief terms.