Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli arrest of female columnist ‘desperate attempt to undermine free speech’

Days of Palestine -

Palestinian journalists, writers, rights groups and political factions have condemned Israeli arrest of female Palestinian columnist in West Bank Lama Khater.

It was midnight when a large number of Israeli occupation forces broke the door and raided the house of the Palestinian journalist in the occupied West Bank.

Cameras recorded everything this time. The most emotional moment was the last one before she left her house and went with the Israeli occupation forces with handcuffs in her hands.

She was seen giving a very sad farewell to her two-year-old child while surrounded by heavily armed Israeli occupation forces.

The merciless Israeli savages were not affected with this moment and desperately though that separating this mother from her little angel would deter her and so that she stops writing and exposing Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.

Lama Khater was the fourth Palestinian woman to be arrested by the Israeli occupation in 45 days.

In a statement, the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas condemned her arrest and described it as a “desperate attempt to undermine free speech.”