Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israel Mossad assassinates 2 Palestinian scientists in Algeria

Days of Palestine -

Two Palestinian scientists were found dead in an apartment in Algeria. Initiation reports point fingers to Israeli spying agency Mossad.

The two, identified as Suliman al-Farra, 33, and Mohammed al-Banna, a physician whose age was not reported, were said to be originally from Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. Both were found in Al-Farra's apartment. 

Palestinian embassy in Algeria told the family of one of the deceased that the two died of gas inhalation or due to a short circuit.

Palestinian scientists and experts around the world have been killed in recent years in assassinations carried out by the Mossad.

In April, engineer Fadi al-Batsh, was assassinated at the entrance to a mosque in Malaysia. Malaysia said "foreign agents" were behind his assassination. Later on, Israeli sources revealed that the Mossad carried out the assassination.

Two years ago, the Mossad assassinated Mohammed al-Zawahri, a drone expert, who helped the Palestinian resistance, in Tunisia.

Israeli has a long history about assassinating and kidnapping Palestinians or people of other nationalities linked to the Palestinian resistance around the world.