Days of Palestine

Israel to continue striking depth of Gaza Strip

Days of Palestine -

After killing four Palestinians and wounding 210 others, spokesman of Israeli occupation army said that Israeli fighter jets would continue striking depth of the Gaza Strip.

Spokesman of the Israeli Occupation Army Avichai Adraee said that Israeli occupation fighter jets would continue attacking the depth of the Gaza Strip.

Adraee claimed that the earlier Israeli strikes had targeted weapon depots, military sites, planning and control units and other military facilities.

However, the fact on the ground is different. The Israeli occupation army targeted many civil facilities, including bases for the Palestinian National Security which guards the eastern area of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli attacks started by tank shelling which targeted the peaceful Palestinian protesters in different points along the eastern side of Gaza.
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Israeli media has reported that the Israeli PM, defence minister and other military officials have started a meeting to asses the situation in Gaza.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli defence minister, has earlier announced the start of a wide-scale military offensive on Gaza.