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Thursday, February 9

Israeli soldier who killed Palestinian child cleared of manslaughter

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation soldier Ben Deri, who intentionally killed Palestinian boy in 2014, was cleared of manslaughter on Wednesday and sentenced to only nine months in prisons.

Deri was convicted of the negligent homicide of 17-year-old Nadim Nuwara during Nakba Day demonstrations in Beitunia four years ago.

Initially, Deri was charged with manslaughter as he intentionally loaded a live bullet into his rifle instead of a rubber one.

But as part of a plea deal reached with the Israeli occupation soldier, the indictment has been amended to claim the live bullet was accidentally loaded into the rifle. What an irony!

During the sentencing hearings, Nuwara's father pleaded with Judge Daniel Teferberg to sentence Deri to a harsher punishment.

“After Nadim, many others were killed or murdered, and their trial ended very fast. If Nadim had been the one to have killed Ben Deri, and if he had negligently killed him, would the court have treated Nadim the same way it has been treating Deri?" the father wondered.

“I lost my son, and I turned to the law… but I was surprised that after all of the evidence we submitted, the decision in the end was to convict of negligent killing, and this caused a lot of problems for us. I'm asking that justice is served just once. At the end of the day, this is about killing innocent children,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Deri's layer Zion Amir said following the sentencing that he was happy his client was cleared of the manslaughter charge, but he came out against the fact soldiers are prosecuted in such circumstances.