Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

One killed by Israel, hundreds wounded in peaceful protest in Gaza

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces stationed on the eastern Gaza borders killed one peaceful Palestinian protester, wounded hundreds others, who took part in third Friday of Great March of Return.

Health officials in Gaza said 969 people were injured by live ammunition and tear gas inhalation. One journalist was in a serious condition after being shot in the abdomen.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society, a humanitarian organisation, has said one of its medics was shot in the knee.

Rights groups accuse Israel of wanton use of live fire. At five spots along the borders, tent complexes have been erected hundreds of metres from the border where families have gathered.

The protests began as a plan to peacefully gather near the border, an idea that has since been supported by Hamas and other political parties.

Thousands have called for the “right of return” for refugees and their descendants to ancestral homes in Palestine, which has been called Israel since 1948, when the Zionist gangs established their state on the skulls and bones of thousands of indigenous Palestinians.

Since March 30, when the Great March of Return started, Israel has killed 33 peaceful Palestinian protesters and wounded more than 4,000 others.