Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli bill bans handover bodies of Palestinian killed by Israelis

Days of Palestine -

Israeli Knesset approved on Monday first reading of bill intended to prevent Israeli police from handing over bodies of Palestinians killed by occupation forces for burial by their families.

The bill, which was initiated by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, received preliminary parliamentary approval on 27 February, passing by 57 votes to 11; the remaining MKs abstained.

Israeli occupation fears the possibility that funerals of Palestinians killed by the Israelis will lead to incitement against Israel.
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To prevent this, the bill provides a number of conditions which must be fulfilled before funerals may be held.

These include limiting and identifying the participants in the rites, identifying the route, date and time of the funeral procession, restricting the items which may be carried and imposing financial deposits to ensure that all conditions are met.

Approving the bill, which needs another two readings before becoming law, comes in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling on the petition requesting the Israeli police to hand over the bodies of three Israeli-Arab citizens, who were killed last year.

Israel has blocked the release of the bodies of at least 253 Palestinians and Israeli-Arabs, including 16 since October 2015.

Observers point out that Israel uses this issue to put pressure on the Palestinian resistance and has recently been trying to use it as a lever in the efforts to have the soldiers captured whilst on active service in Gaza repatriated.