Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

WHO: Gaza hospitals unable to cope with patients

Days of Palestine -

Violent Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip in December and January resulted in 11 deaths and 5,632 reported cases of injuries, World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Monday.

In a report, WHO said: “Hospitals [in Gaza] faced difficulties to cope with the influx of trauma patients and requested support from the international community for prepositioned medical supplies.”

WHO added: “Continued power cuts [caused by Israeli siege] are placing an increasing burden on the health sector.”

The international organisation stated: “In order to rationalise fuel, the MoH [in Gaza] has partially closed Beit Hanoun hospital, leaving only the Emergency Department functioning at minimal capacity.”

It noted that “with the closure and other strict contingency measures enforced by the MoH, the reserve fuel will last until mid-March.”

Regarding the severe shortage of medicines, WHO said: “In January, out of the 516 essential drugs, a total of 40 per cent were completely depleted.

“These include drugs used in emergency departments and other critical units. Out of the 853 essential disposables, 26% have been reported at less than one month’s supply.”