Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Israeli Jewish settlers carry out new crime in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Extremist Israeli Jewish settlers carried out new crime against Palestinian citizens in Beit Safafa Neighbourhood in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the extremist Israeli Jewish settlers burnt several Palestinian vehicles owned by the Palestinian citizens in the area.

They also, according to the local sources, the extremist Israeli Jewish settlers spraypainted several racist slogans, insulting Arabs and Palestinians.

As reported by the sources, the racist slogans spraypained on the walls of the Palestinian homes read: “Death to Arabs” and “Burn all Arabs.”

Meanwhile, the extremist Jewish setters signed their racist slogans with the well-known name of the extremist group of settlers, which members carry out crimes against Palestinians regularly –The Price Tag.

Israeli TV channel has revealed that this group is official adopted by the Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who lives in an illegal settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories.