Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Israel settlers film Palestinian protesters to help army identify them

Days of Palestine -

Jewish settlers in occupied West Bank launched field teams of photographers and videographers to take pictures of Palestinian protesters to help the Israeli occupation forces identify and arrest them.

According to Israeli TV Channel 7, a settler group called Jewish Authority Movement in Judea and Samaria (the occupied West Bank) announced the formation of these teams, which would be stationed at every flashpoint across the occupied West Bank.

The Jewish settler group announced the aim of these teams “is to make hunting the Palestinian protesters and those taking part in clashes with the Israeli forces easy to identify and arrest.”

Currently, the group said, it is training its teams, which are equipped with advanced cameras, how to document the protests and how to supply their documentation to the occupation forces.

Meanwhile, this group has setup a legal team to follow up on the cases to guarantee Palestinians who are arrested are indicted and prosecuted.

The move comes in response to efforts by Israeli leftist groups who document violations by illegal Israeli settlers and the occupation army in the occupied West Bank.