Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Israel court extends Palestinian girl's detention for extra 4 days

Days of Palestine -

Israeli military court in Ofer Prison decided on Monday to extend remand detention of 16-year-old Palestinian girl Ahed al-Tamimi for four more days.

Judges claimed that Al-Tamimi that she obstructed her investigation by the occupation Israeli officers inside her cell, where Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said she should spend her life.

One of the judges at the Israeli military court said that Al-Tamimi, who was recently filmed slapping Israeli soldiers, that she could “pose danger” on the Israeli army.

The girl was abducted from her house in Nabi Saleh Village of the occupied West Bank during on Tuesday night, about ten hours after she was seen in a video, that went viral on social media, slapping two Israeli soldiers, pushing then out of the courtyard of her house.

Her action came just hours after the Israeli occupation forces had shot her 15-year-old brother in the head, causing him serious injuries.

Next day, Al-Tamimi’s mother went to an Israeli detention centre to ask about her little child, but the Israeli occupation abducted her.

Earlier, a well-known Israeli journalist called for raping her, but in the dark, not in front of the cameras in order not to arouse criticism.