Days of Palestine

Wednesday, May 31

Israeli forces abducted 10 Palestinians, including 4 children

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces abducted on Sunday night ten Palestinian citizens in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, including four children.

Palestinian sources in the occupied holy city of Jerusalem said that the Israeli occupation forces raided Palestinian homes, damaged furniture and abducted people.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) said that the Israeli occupation forces abducted six Jerusalemites, including Mahmoud abu-Subeeh, 13, Hisham al-Bashiti, 17, Jibril Bilala, 17, Mohamed Khodeir, 13, Yazan Hashima and Nabeel Sidr.

Meanwhile, in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation forces raided several cities and villages and abducted four others. Names had not been reported yet.
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