Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 9

Israeli forces abduct Palestinian girl after slapping soldier

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces raided on Tuesday at dawn house of Palestinian activist Mohammed al-Tamimi in Al-Khalil and abducted his 17-year-old daughter.

In the morning,  Al-Tamimi wrote on Facebook: “[Israeli] forces raided my home and arrested my daughter following the Israeli media's attack against her. They stole our phones, cameras and laptops and beat my wife and children.”

His daughter, Ahed, his son and his wife have been known as activists in the occupied Palestinian city of Al-Khalil and they had always taken part in Nabi Saleh weekly protests.

A video taken on Friday shows Ahed, her mother and another girl pushing two Israeli occupation soldiers out of their house. When they refused, Ahed slapped one of them on the face.

Mohamed al-Tamimi, the father of the abducted Palestinian girl said that the Israeli soldiers attacked the house and shot a tear gas canister at the children inside.

He also said that one of the two soldiers, who appeared in the video, had beaten an old man before storming the house.

Two years ago, Ahed al-Tamimi was in a video which went viral in which she was seen biting the hand of an Israeli occupation soldier after he refused to release her younger brother whose leg was broken and he was clearly in cast.

Palestinian activists praised Ahed courage and condemned her being abducted by the Israeli occupation forces.