Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Israel sees Arab world’s democracy as ‘threat,’ says ex-MK

Days of Palestine -

Israel believes that achieving democracy in the Arab world is a “threat” to the country, Israel Hayom reported, quoting the former Israeli Knesset member and politician, Yossi Beilin.

“It would boost the position of the anti-Israeli public opinion,” he warned.

“We prefer the Arab tyrants,” Beilin said, referring to the Arabic countries which supports the Palestinian cause, but without taking any actions against the Jewish state.

“Many if the Arab leaders are very concerned about the Iranian intervention in the regional affairs,” the Israeli politician pointed out, adding that “they [Arab leaders] are not paying attention to the Palestinian issue.”

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not our main issue with the neighbouring countries,” Beilin noted, stressing “the conflict resolution won’t change the situation with our neighbours.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA)’s has been negotiating a resolution with Israel for the decades-long conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, based on the two-state solution and the halt of the illegal Israeli settlements.

On Friday, a US official that the US President Donald Trump was likely to officially recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s new capital. The official added that he might also go ahead with moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the new capital

Arab governments and Western allies have long urged Trump “not to proceed with the Embassy relocation.”