Days of Palestine

Sunday, February 5

Israeli soldiers assault, take 'selfie' with wounded Palestinian detainees

Days of Palestine -

A number of Israeli occupation soldiers attacked, wounded and abducted two Palestinian brothers and took selfie with them, Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said Tuesday.

In a statement, the Committee said that Israeli occupation forces raided the home of brothers Tariq Baajeh, 26, and Ahmad Baajeh, 19, in the town of Jayyus in the northern occupied West Bank city of Qalqilya early this week.

According to the testimonies of the two brothers, the Israeli occupation soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded them before transferring them to a military zone near Qalqilya in a military jeep.

“The Baajeh brothers were assaulted and insulted the entire time they were held at the military zone,” the statement said, adding that after the Israeli occupation soldiers beat up the brothers, they took a “selfie” with them “in order to provoke them.”

The brothers were then transferred to the Huwwara Detention Centre near Nablus, and then to the Megiddo Prison north of the West Bank, where they were strip-searched.

Human rights groups have widely documented the abuse of Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces during night raids, and the harsh interrogation practices used to force their confessions, which has long been the target of criticism by the international community.

Defence for Children International – Palestine has said their research showed that almost two-thirds of Palestinian children detained in the occupied West Bank by Israeli forces had endured physical violence after their arrest.