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Friday, January 27

American pressure over settlements ‘temporary,’ says Netanyahu

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told leaders of Israeli Jewish settlers that US pressure on Israel over settlement is “temporary,” officials at Netanyahu’s office told Haaretz on Wednesday.

The officials also said that Netanyahu had convinced US to take the distinction between settlement blocs and isolated settlements off the table.

During a meeting with Israeli settlement leaders, Netanyahu said that Israel must uphold its commitment to the current US administration, led by Donald Trump, to restrict settlement building in the West Bank.

Ynet News said that American officials warned Netanyahu against excessive building of settlements in the West Bank.

According to Haaretz, Netanyahu told the settler leaders that American pressure is temporary and they would be able to build new settlements.

He promised them he would uphold his commitment made over five years ago to build 300 new units in the settlement of Beit El as compensation for demolishing settlement units in the settlement of Ulpana.

Replying to a request to advance construction plans, he said: “Not everything is possible. What does not happen now will happen in another three months.”