Days of Palestine

Tuesday, January 31

Israeli forces abduct 15 Palestinians from Beit Surik

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces raided Palestinian village of Beit Surik in West Bank, abducted 15 Palestinians on Tuesday night.

Beit Surik is the hometown of the Palestinian Nimer al-Jamal, 37, who was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces at the entrance of the illegal Israeli settlement of Har Adar in the occupied West Bank.

Al-Jamal was shot dead after allegedly attacking Israeli soldiers with a pistol, killing three and causing serious wounds to the fourth.

Shortly after the attack, the Israeli occupation army placed Beit Surik under a military lockdown and imposed a village-wide curfew. 

On Wednesday morning, an Israeli army spokesperson confirmed the closure remained in place, saying all crossings and passages from the area around Beit Surik and the adjacent village of Biddu were closed.

The spokesperson said that the Palestinians would only be allowed passage for "humanitarian reasons" and after undergoing strict security checks.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces took measurements of the house of Al-Jamal family in preparation to punitively demolish it.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday the home would be destroyed, and that the Israeli work permits of Jamal's extended family would also be revoked.

Israeli occupation forces also interrogated several youths in the town during the raid; one of them was identified as Abed al-Karim abu-Bakr.

They also stole large amounts of cash money from the Palestinian homes they raided during the night, claiming they are money to fund terror.