Days of Palestine

Israeli president pardons soldiers who killed Palestinians

Days of Palestine -

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Sunday he would pardon Israeli soldiers who killed Palestinians during their military service.

Rivlin called upon the Israeli soldiers who killed Palestinians to file a special request to the President’s Residence seeking a full removal of prior convictions in a bid to optimize work prospects and facilitate greater integration into society, Israeli Ynet News said.

“There is great importance in the ability to allow for the opening of a new page for citizens who work for the society in which they live and for their families when the residue of the past is behind them,” Rivlin said.
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Stating that killing Palestinians would be something from the past, he said that the crimes committed by youths in the past were not necessarily reflective of their adult characters and that therefore no impediment should be placed on their future prospects.

“When we are talking about youngsters who personalities have not yet solidified, this possibility becomes even more significant,” he said.

The pardon will include every soldier regardless to how many Palestinians he has killed. “For every person, especially for soldiers completing meaningful service, there is an option to submit a pardon request to erase a criminal record,” the Israeli president stressed.

He wanted better future for them. “The president of the state will give serious consideration to the request and pay particular attention to youngsters just starting out in order to enable them to embark on their new journey without the residue of the past,” he explained.