Days of Palestine

Saturday, February 4

Jewish settlers write ‘death to Arabs’ in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine -

Israeli Jewish settlers spray-painted “death to Arabs” and “revenge” at five Palestinian vehicles in occupied Jerusalem on Monday night.

The extremist Israeli Jewish settlers also slashed tires of a number of the Palestinian cars in the part of the holy city, which was occupied in 1967.

At one of the Palestinian cars, the extremist Jewish settlers wrote: “Revenge. Binyamin Richter says hello.”

Richter is an extremist Jewish settler and member of the extremist Jewish group Price Tag. He was released from prison last week after having served three years for vehicular arson.

One of the Palestinian owners of the vandalised vehicles, Amer abu-Hamed, posted pictures of the damage to his Facebook page but wrote he and his friends have no intention of filing a complaint as they have no faith in the police.

“When I go to the supermarket at 3am in the French Hill, police officers stop me and ask me where I am going at such an hour,” he wrote on his Facebook. “But a pure Jew with a kippah on his head can wander around without police asking him where he is from or where he is going,” he added.

“We are tired of this. It is 2017. I feel like throwing up and mostly escape this shitty place,” he commented on this such continuous racist act.

Gadi Gvaryahu, the head of anti-racism group Tag Meir, said, “This is the fifth price tag attack in the last month.”