Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Netanyahu: killing Gaza kids in 2014 was ‘necessary’

Days of Palestine -

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that 2014 Israeli offensive on Gaza, where around 600 children killed, was “necessary.”

During a hearing held by the State Control Committee at the Israeli Knesset, he said: “We did not want a war in the summer of 2014 and we tried to prevent it.”

He continued: “That war was necessary and that the conflict was a clear victory for Israel, seen by the fact that Hamas begged for it to end.”

The result of that offensive was the murder of more than 2,260 Palestinian citizens, including 551 children and 299 women, a UN report said.

According to the same report, 11,231 Palestinians were injured including 3,436 children and 3,540 women, 10 percent of whom suffer permanent disability.

In addition, the report stated that more than 1,500 Palestinian children were orphaned and 142 Palestinian families had three or more members killed in the same incident, for a total of 742 fatalities.

Meanwhile, 18,000 housing units were destroyed in whole or part, 73 medical facilities and many ambulances were damaged.

During the offensive, the number of internally displaced people reached 500,000, or 28 per cent of the population in Gaza.

Between July 7 and 26 August, the Israeli occupation forces carried out more than 6,000 airstrikes in Gaza, many of which hit residential buildings.

The highly critical state comptroller report, published in February, noted serious mistakes and failures by the Israeli military and government ahead of and during the 51-day offensive.

Noting that he cannot speak about the realities of the carnage, Netanyahu said: “Invite me to an operative discussion, not in front of the cameras. We can talk about what happened during Protective Edge and afterwards.
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