Days of Palestine

Large number of Israeli settlers storm Ibrahimi Mosque

Days of Palestine -

Thousands of Israeli settlers, escorted by heavily-armed forces, stormed on Thursday morning Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, marking Jewish Passover Holiday.
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Israeli occupation forces sealed off Al-Khalil neighbourhoods near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque and prevented all Palestinians from entering into the Old City.

Later on, thousands of Israeli Jewish settlers poured into the Old City, heading to Al-Ibrahimi Mosque to mark the Jewish Passover holiday.

Prior to the Jewish settlers desecrated the Mosque, it had been fully evacuated from all the Palestinian worshipers.

The Palestinian Awqaf minsitry strongly condemned the mass desecration of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque and crackdowns on the peaceful Muslim worshipers.

In a statement, the ministry said that this is “a flagrant Israeli violation of the freedom of worship guaranteed by all international laws and treaties.”

The ministry warned of Israeli attempts to alter the Islamic identity of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque, urging the international community to speak up against the “premeditated desecration” of Islamic worship sites.