Days of Palestine

Thursday, February 2

Israeli MK invited to AIPAC joins anti-AIPAC demo

Days of Palestine -

Israeli MK Tamar Zandberg, who was invited to attend AIPAC conference on DC, joined on Monday anti-AIPAC demonstration denouncing Israeli occupation.

Left-wing Israeli MK was invited by the pro-Israel lobby to participate in its annual, but she took part in an anti-AIPAC event that brought he under sharp criticism.

AIPAC funded Zandberg’s trip to the US; however, she joined a protest outside of the conference organised by the Jewish anti-establishment group If Not Now.

The demonstrators, whom Zandberg joined, raised signs such as “Reject AIPAC” and “Reject occupation.”

She justified her participation in the anti-AIPAC protest as saying: “There is no greater deed of patriotism than opposing the occupation.”

Meanwhile, Zandberg came under fire by Israelis. The far-right Israeli Jewish rapper Yoav Eliasi called her “human trash, filth and pig.” He also accused her of belonging to the “fifth column” seeking to undermine the State of Israel.

Zandberg defended herself against the severe criticism, writing on Facebook: “Criticism was a sign that I did something right.”