Days of Palestine

Israeli soldier shoves elderly women in Nablus

Days of Palestine -

An Israeli occupation soldiers raided several Palestinian homes, threatened children and “violently” shoved elderly Palestinian woman in January, Israeli rights group said.

The Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B’Tselem) documented two incidents in which soldiers raided homes in Kafr Qadum, a village west of the city of Nablus, at night.

Based on a report issued by B’Tselem, the Israeli occupation soldiers threatened children and warned them not to participate in the weekly protests in the village.
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According to B’Tselem, these demonstrations have been held since July 2011 to protest that residents’ access to the road that links their village to Nablus was cut off.

The road runs between the two sections of the illegal Israeli Jewish settlement of Kedumim, which was expanded in 2003.

Because their access to the road was barred, villagers must travel by a bypass road that makes the trip to Nablus much longer, about 40 minutes instead of about 15.

Investigations carried out by B’Tselem indicate that the Israeli occupation soldiers, who wore masks, conducted themselves violently and aggressively when they broke into the homes.

They threatened the residents’ – including children – and shoved an elderly woman, who fell down and lost consciousness.

Such threats violate the villagers’ legitimate and legally recognised rights of expression, protest and demonstration, B’Tselem said.

Israeli occupation forces carry out daily night and day raids against Palestinians homes, threaten residents, investigate children and kidnap and murder civilians before the eyes of their relatives.