Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Brave Briton refutes Balfour Declaration after 99 years

Days of Palestine -

British car garage owner refuted Balfour Declaration as he refused to do business with an Israeli because he believes Israel does not exist.

Jack de Lowe, an Israeli man, wanted to buy a wing-mirror for his Ford Focus and managed to locate a garage located in the Greater Manchester city of Oldham, which name is Ford Parts Oldham.

The Israel sent an email, inquiring about the price, which he expected to be around £40, but he was quoted a price of £1,025.

In a follow-up e-mail, he asked for a clarification and he receive an e mail telling him that the garage does not want to deal with him because he is an Israeli guy.

“As we do not recognise the state of Israel, we do not ship to such non-existent countries,” the e mail reads. “However, delivery to Palestine can be arranged at a sensible price.”

Heatstreet new website called the garage to ask about the e mail and the manager and owner of the business, Mursal Israr, proudly said he had personally written and sent the email.

He insisted that he does not recognise Israel and is no interest in doing business with any person or institution affiliated with this fake country.

“I sent the email myself,” he told the Heatstreet, “Yes I did… We do not recognise the state of Israel. We do not believe in the illegal occupation of what is going on in there,” Israr added.

The courageous Briton continued: “And there are innocent Muslims and people are getting killed there on a daily basis so we do not wish to do any business with the state of Israel whatsoever because we do not recognise the state of Israel.”

Israr was told that the Israeli was not a representative of Israel and it happened for him to live there. However, he said: “Regardless of the matter. He should not live there then.

“The children that are getting killed there on a daily basis are just individuals that live there. They have no reason to be slaughtered and murdered in the unjust way that they are… We would not business with ISIS, we would not business with Israel. They are the same thing.”

It is a courageous way of a British citizen to refute the pledge which was given by his late foreign minister 99 years later. The UK has been insisting it would never even apologise for the Balfour Declaration.