Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli forces hot, seriously wound Palestinian youth

Days of Palestine -

Israeli occupation forces shot and seriously wounded Palestinian youth on Friday night near Palestinian village of Ein Yabrood east of Ramallah.

Palestinian health ministry announced that the Palestinian Ahmed Hamid, 19, was shot by the Israeli occupation forces and suffered serious wounds.

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the Palestinian while he was driving his car near the Palestinian village.

They reiterated that the Palestinian was shot while he was inside his car and he was left bleeding for a while before he was evacuated by the Israeli paramedics to hospital.

An Israeli spokesperson claimed that the Palestinian youth approached the Israeli soldiers and then took off his car and attempted to hit them with a cleaver.

So that, the Israeli spokesperson claimed, the Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire at the Palestinain youth.

Consequently, at dawn, the Israeli occupation forces raided the house of the Palestinian youth’s family and interrogated its members.