Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Palestinian girl released on condition of not using internet

Days of Palestine -

Israeli Magistrate Court in Jerusalem decided on Sunday morning to release 14-year-old girl on condition of not using internet or appearing on TVs.

The judge of the Israeli occupation court also ruled that Iman abu-Sbieh, daughter of Palestinian man murdered by the Israeli occupation police last week, had be expelled from her home in Jerusalem for two months.

According to Abu-Sbeih’s lawyer Mohamed al-Qadi, the Israeli judge also decided that the little girl had to pay NIS2,500 ($700) fine.

Last Monday, the Israeli occupation forces raided the house of Abu-Sbeih’s grandfather in Jerusalem’s Al-Ram Neighbourhood and kidnapped her.

In the wake of her father’s murder, the little girl said in a short video, which went viral on the internet, that she was proud of her father because he did not surrender to the will of the Israeli occupation before his death.

She also expressed hope, in the same video, that her father plead for her and her family to God in order to let them enter paradise in the Last Day.

On Saturday morning, the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Abu-Sbeih’s 17-year-old brother at one of the illegal military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank.

They led the boy, who lost his father less than a week ago, to an unknown place.