Days of Palestine

Saturday, June 3

Occupation destroys Palestinian houses in Israel

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Israeli occupation demolished on Wednesday night several Palestinian houses in occupied Palestine under pretext of unlicensed construction.

Sources in the Arab city of Kafr Qasim in occupied Palestine (Israel) said that Israeli bulldozers, protected with heavy number of Israeli military police, stormed the house of Ibrahim Dasougi, evacuated him and his family and demolished it.

According to the sources, the Israeli police demolished the house without a pre-warning, but said that the house was built without obtaining the needed licenses from the Israeli authorities.

Two hours earlier, Palestinians in Al-Naqab said that the Israeli occupation forces suddenly surrounded the two Palestinian villages of Abda and Rakhma and demolished several houses owned by Palestinians.

One of the owners was obliged to demolish his own house by himself because he did not pay the costs of previous demolition.

Israeli occupation demolishes the Palestinian homes and other facilities and obliges them to pay the costs of the demolition. Otherwise, they oblige them to demolish their houses by their own.

About one week ago, the Israeli occupation police demolished a number of facilities, including a wedding hall owned by Palestinians in city coastal city of Haifa in occupied Palestine, too.
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The Israeli occupation always claims that it only demolishes houses and other facilities which are being built without the needed licenses.

However, Palestinians and human rights groups say that the Israeli occupation does not issue building licenses for Palestinians or even permissions to add little extensions to already existed houses.