Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Again, settlers burn Palestinian farms in West Bank

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank -A group of Israeli settlers brunt on Sunday evening more than 100 olive trees in Palestinian farms located in the West Bank city of Nablus.

Palestinian sources said that the fire was ignited on Sunday evening in the neighbourhood of Tel in the south of Nablus and remained until Monday morning.

Abu-Ali Qasim, a Palestinian farmer, said that he along with tens of the Palestinian citizens and the firefighter affiliated to the municipality of Nablus spent all night trying to extinguish the fire.

In the morning, after the fire was completely extinguished, Abu-Ali counted the number of burnt olive trees to find them more than 100.

“At least, 100 olive trees, including a very big number of old trees, were burnt,” he told Days of Palestine, noting that he did not know the reason of the fire.

However, Lo’ai Manasreh, an anti-Israeli settlement activist, said that he and other Palestinians saw a group of Israeli settlers when they started the fire in a barley crop in the area.

Manasreh reiterated that burning the Palestinian old trees is part of a “pre-planned” efforts to damage the Palestinian agriculture sector, noting to the other burning incident occurred in Al-Khalil.

“In addition to the Israeli plans to damage the agriculture sector, they want to erase the witnesses on the Palestinian existence represented in the old olive trees,” he said.