Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

UN: Israeli house demolition increased than before

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank -UN report released on Thursday shows that Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes increased for times compared to last year.

This demolition policy left 808 Palestinians in different areas across the occupied Palestinian territories displaced, facing very difficult living conditions since start of 2016.

Since January, the report said, the Israeli occupation has destroyed 588 Palestinian structures across the occupied Palestinian territories, mostly residential buildings.

At least, 808 Palestinians had been displaced so far, a number that highly surpassed the Palestinians were displaced during 2015.

In addition, the report said, over than 1,000 Palestinians were also affected after losing shops and other structures related to their source of income.

During the first week of April, 124 Palestinians were displaced in a single day from nine different communities, including the village of Khirbet Tana which has been destroyed four times since the start of the year alone.