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Wednesday, February 8

Shortage of donations undermines rebuilding Gaza, UN says

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Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip -Shortage of donations undermined the reconstruction of thousands of homes destroyed by Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, UN said on Sunday.

In a press release, the Director of UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)’s Operations in the Gaza Strip Bo Schack said that his organisation has currently enough funds to rebuild only 2,000 homes.

He noted that the UNRWA is currently rebuilding 700 only homes, adding that he hopes another 1,000 would be ready this year.

Schack said that the recent Israeli decision to stop cement entering the Gaza Strip would “negatively” affect the reconstruction process.

However, he said that there are mutual discussions with the Israelis aiming to solve this deadlock, which has paralysed the construction sector in the last few days.

The UN official revealed that there are preparations for holding a Donor Conference on 13 April and it would be chaired by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.

UN officials and donor countries would attend the conference and discuss rebuilding Gaza and the problems related to the delay in the rebuilding process.

In the wake of 2014 massive Israeli offensive on Gaza, estimates suggested that up to $8 billion would be needed to repair damaged infrastructure and homes, and ensure health care, education and clean drinking water in one of the world’s mostly densely populated territories.

During that offensive, which followed three almost similar offensives between 2006 and 2012, more than a quarter of Gaza’s population of 1.9 million, was displaced due to the demolition of their homes.