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Sunday, January 29

Chief Jewish rabbi: ‘Non-Jews have no place in Palestine’

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Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Youssef said on Saturday that “non-Jews have no right to live in occupied Palestine.”

In his weekly preach, Youssef said: “Based on the Judaism, non-Jews have not right to live in Israel, occupied Palestine.”

He added: “If the non-Jews do not commit to Noah’s heavenly law, we had to deport them to Saudi Arabia… This is what we are demanded to do.”

The only reason that Jews have not yet deported non-Jews from ‘Israel,’ he said, is the “we are not persistent, noting “if we had enough power to do this, we would have done it.”

Youssef reiterated that when the Messiah comes, Jews would be able to deport non-Jews form occupied Palestine. “Therefore, we have to wait until the arrival of the Messiah,” he said.

Regarding the role of the non-Jews, who should remain in occupied Palestine, he said: “They must commit to the Noah’s heavenly laws, including the performance of their well-known roles –serving the Jews.”

Early this month, Youssef said that killing Palestinians is recommended by the Torah, the Israeli holy book. It has been common that Israeli soldiers and settlers kill Palestinians even if they do not pose any danger on them.

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