Days of Palestine

Friday, January 27

Two 13-year-old Arab girls arrested by Israeli police

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestinian, Al-Ramla –Israeli occupation police arrested on Thursday morning two little Palestinian girls in Al-Ramla Bus Station in occupied Palestine over stabbing attempt.

An Israeli eyewitness said that one of the guards in the bus station screamed, claiming he was attacked by the two little girls, and immediately, other Israelis approached the girls and started beating them.

The Spokesman of the Israeli Police Micky Rosenfeld posted an image for kits of a school bag and two kitchen knives, claiming they were used in stabbing the guard.

However, he and all other Israeli and none-Israeli mass media have never posted any image of the reportedly wounded guard.

A mother of the two girls ruled out that they attempted to carry out a stabbing attack, stating that her daughter did not go to school in order to have medical examination prior to a planned surgical operation.

The mother denied the police spokesman that her daughter had a school bag.

Israeli news website YnetNews reported another Israeli eyewitness saying: “While police forces handcuffed one of the [claimed] attackers, they did not stop a young man who came near her and spat in her face. The man then left the scene, unhindered by the policemen.”

The eyewitness also said: “One of the girls was also pinned to the ground, with one of the civilians at the scene holding her head down with his leg.”