Days of Palestine

Monday, February 6

Israeli youths burn Israeli-Arab citizen in ‘Israel’

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –A group of Israeli youths burnt to death on Friday night the Israeli-Arab citizen Fadi Hoosh, 22, witnesses said.

The Israeli police found the burnt body of the Israeli-Arab citizen inside a car in the garbage dump of the neighbourhood of Kafr Kannah.

According to Israeli media sources, the police decided to have the body autopsied in order to know the reason of death and to get any hints related to the perpetrators.

Witnesses told Days of Palestine that the car was damaged from inside, but it did not appear to have been burnt from outside.

Arab witnesses said that they saw a number of Israeli Jews attacking the deceased man, then put him inside the car and set it into fire.

“After a couple of minutes, they extinguished the fire and left him inside the car and very quickly fled the scene,” the witnesses said.

It was reported that the Israeli police said the background of the death is not criminal.