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Thursday, February 2

New Israeli execution of school girl in West Bank (Video)

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation troops executed on Sunday afternoon Palestinian school girl in West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

Conformed accounts of eyewitnesses stressed that the Israeli occupation troops opened fire at the Palestinian school girl Dania Irshayyid, 17, near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque just to kill her without even any suspicion.

A woman, who saw the shooting, told Days of Palestine that “the school girl wanted to cross through the Israeli occupation military checkpoint near the Mosque while she was putting her school bag on her back.”

The woman continued: “The school girl was walking alone and the soldiers asked her to stop, another soldier immediately aimed his rifle towards her and shot her.”

Speaking to Days of Palestine, Ali al-Ja’bari, a Palestinian 61-year old man, who saw the incident said: “The Palestinian school girl was not holding anything except her school back-bag.”

He added: “The school girl remained bleeding until the Israeli troops became sure she was dead. Then, they covered her with a while piece of nylon.”

An Israeli police spokesperson said that an Israeli police officer shot the “woman” after seeing her “hold a knife.”

The Israeli occupation troops and police have been executing Palestinians youths with a cold blood since the start of this month, claiming they plan to stab fellows.

However, several videos caught by CCTV cameras and contradicted police and Israeli media narratives proved the false stabbing claims.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entitled the Israeli occupation troops and police to shot and kill any “suspicious” Palestinian, as well as to search them for no reasons.