Days of Palestine

Wednesday, June 7

(pictures) ‘Israel’ summarily executed 5 Pals in one day

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation settlers and troops summarily executed on Saturday five Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem.
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In the morning, an Israeli settlers shot dead the Palestinian Mohamed al-Qawasmeh, 18, in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil while he was in his way to buy breakfast for his family.

After he was killed, a number of Israeli troops approached him and it was clear in a video, went viral on social media, that they planted an object near his body to justify his assassination.

Just an hour later, the Israeli occupation troops opened fire at Mu’taz Oweisat, 16, from Jabal al-Mukabber in Jerusalem’s Old City, which has been occupied by Israeli Zionist state since 1967.

Witnesses stressed that he was heading to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Israeli occupation troops stopped him, he refused, then, they opened fire at a Palestinian minor, causing him serious wounds. He was left bleeding until he died.

Just an hour later, the Israeli occupation troops asked the minor Palestinian lady Bayan Aseela, 16, to take off her scarf at a military checkpoint in Al-Khalil. She refused, then, they opened fire at her, killing her in a cold blood.

In the evening, another Palestinian identified as Tariq al-Natshe, 18, was shot dead by the Israeli settler after he had left his car to help drivers clear the way ahead of an ambulance as there was traffic congestion due to barricades placed by Israeli settlers in Shuhada Street in Al-Khalil.

Just an hour later, another Palestinian passing near the Israeli checkpoint in Qalandia was shot dead in a cold blood. He was identified as Omar al-Faqih, 23, from Jerusalem.

All of the executed Palestinians were accused of attempting to stab Israeli troops or Israeli settlers; however, CCTV cameras exposed Israeli crimes and proved intentional Israeli killing.

It is notable that most of the Palestinians executed were less than 18.

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