Days of Palestine

Saturday, January 28

Three Palestinians, 3 settlers killed since morning

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –Three Palestinians killed on Monday by Israeli forces in separate incidents, three Israeli settlers killed separate incidents, too.

Israeli occupation army claimed that the killing of the three Palestinians came after they assaulted Israelis, one of them claimed to have opened fire at Israeli settlers in a bus.

Since yesterday, several criminal attacks carried out by Israelis against Israelis and Israeli media reported them initially as attacks by Palestinians against Israelis.

CCTV videos started to emerge from scenes of Israeli attacks on Palestinians showed several times that the Israeli occupation forces killed Palestinians without any reason. However, they claim they killed them after posing security threats.

Killing attempt of the Palestinian lady Israa Abed, 21, is one of the cases. The Israeli occupation forces claimed she held a knife, while all what she had was black sunglasses.

The CCTV video shows an Israeli kicking the sunglasses from the scene in order not to show an evidence that she did not have a knife.

Meanwhile, three Israeli settlers and 30 wounded in what is allegedly said an attack of two Palestinians targeted Israeli settlers in a bus in Ra’anana, central Israeli occupation state.

If Israelis want to be trusted, they have to carry out an objective investigation into the attack in partnership with external parties in order to prove that it was not an internal criminal incident.