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Friday, January 27

Israeli defamation, slander strategy against rights’ NGOs

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, New York –A credible senior UN source disclosed on Thursday Israeli defamation, slander strategy used to smear independent rights groups.

Israeli occupation adopts certain, but a bit complicated strategy to smear independent human rights NGOs, which disclose Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians.

A former Israeli official, who was part of the Israeli strategy in Europe and was responsible for smearing and propaganda campaigns, confirmed the information obtained by Days of Palestine.

Explaining how the Israeli strategy is working, the sources said, the Israeli Mossad has five key stations in Europe responsible for improving the Israeli image and producing false narrations for incidents where Israeli occupation is criticised by rights groups over human rights violations.

Targeted human rights groups include UN bodies, Oxfam, Amnesty International, other international, Israeli and Palestinian groups.

According to the source, the stations are based in Northern France, Germany, South of Britain, Italy, and Denmark. “The stations do observe the activities of civil society organisations and issue extensive reports, which are totally fabricated,” the source said.

The sources said that the Israeli Mossad adopts Noam Chomsky’s Flake concept, which take the form of letters, telegrams, phone calls, petitions, law-suits, speeches and Bills before Congress, and other modes of complaint, threat and punitive action to defame opponents.

For the best results, the source said, the Flake concept is used by the five Mossad stations to damage the reputation of targeted NGOs and senior political figures.

British Baroness Jenny Tonge is a good example of the victims of this strategy.

Tonge is member of the UK House of Lords. She was first attacked by small pro-Israeli blogs, then so-called independent NGOs, then she was listed in the so-called a security centre known as “The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre.”

This centre also issued dozens of reports against European organisations, European MEPs and politicians, who are very vocal against Israeli human rights violations.

Information used in these reports are mostly from the Mossad office in Israel and includes also information from pro-Israeli bloggers and activists spread across Europe.

The source warned all media outlets as well as officials and politicians not to be misguided by these fabrications and defamation claims.

It is worth mentioning that some NGOs in Europe have won lawsuits against key Israeli NGOs, where ‘Flake’ and slander were used to damage their reputations.