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Saturday, February 4

‘Israel’ arrested 60 fishermen since August

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation forces arrested 65 Gazan fishermen, confiscated 30 fishing boats off Gaza coasts between August and June, a reported said.

The number, mentioned in the report, included five fishermen who were arrested on Thursday morning while they were fishing.

In a statement marking the release of the report, Head of the General Union for the Palestinian Syndications Sami al-Amassi said that the continuous Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian fishermen interrupt their work and negatively affect the fishing industry.

Al-Amassi said that the number mentioned in the report is “very high” compared with the number of the fishermen remained practicing the “dangerous” profession.

The United Nations food agency estimates 3,600 Gazan households are involved in fishing. Just under half of those have no other source of income.

“The livelihood of these people is completely jeopardised,” said Ciro Fiorillo, head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s operations in Gaza and the West Bank.

The agency estimates that the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza deprived fishermen of around 200-250 tonnes of fish, or 9-10 per cent of their average annual catch under a six-mile restriction.

Al-Amassi said that the Israeli occupation confiscated 77 fishing boats in four years before the last offensive, noting that it destroyed five of them and returned 14 back to Gaza last month.