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Sunday, February 5

Palestinian Return Centre gets senior UN status

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, New York –United Nations NGO Committee of the Economic and Social Council has granted Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) NGO consultative status.

The NGO Committee of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is expected to look at the outcome of NGO committee recommendations in the upcoming few weeks.

PRC has been recommended to obtain the ECOSOC Consultative status by winning a vote of the 19-member state committee known as “NGO Committee.”

Out of 19 member states, 12 voted in favour of granting the status to the PRC, three abstained and three voted No. One member state was absent.

The motion was put to vote upon an official request from the republic Arab of the Sudan.

Delegations of China, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, South Africa, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Guinea, Turkey, Pakistan and Mauritania voted Yes.

Meanwhile, Greece, India and Russia abstained while the Israeli occupation, the US and Uruguay voted No.

Prior to the vote, the Israeli occupation presented an explanation of vote where it has allegedly and baselessly claimed that the PRC affiliates to the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas.

In response to the Israeli claims, the PRC said it would hand a letter of protest to the UN and the ECOSOC council.

“The practice of the Israeli delegation before the NGO committee is dangerous and completely condemned as it blatantly accused PRC of adopting terrorism and violence as a tool,” a PRC statement said.

It added: “That was an effort to distort and mislead the committee member states and those allegations have been adopted by the Israeli intelligence, biased NGOs and think tanks.”

The PRC; therefore, confirms that it does not affiliate to any Palestinian party including Hamas. “It will remain independent and dedicated to serve the cause of Palestinian refugees and their right of return,” the statement concluded.