Days of Palestine

Sunday, January 29

Israeli plane sprays Gaza farms with poisonous gases

Days of Palestine -

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip –Israeli occupation sprayed on Monday morning poisonous gases on the Palestinian farms in the east of the Gaza borders.

Conformed accounts of Palestinian farmers reiterated that this is the second time that the Israeli occupation spays poisonous gases on their crops along the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip.

“When I arrived my farm in the early morning, I was surprised to see an Israeli farming plane crossing the borders towards farms inside Gaza,” farmer Said Hussein told Days of Palestine. “The plane started to spray unidentified chemicals.”

Hussein added: “My farm is 400 metres away from the borders and I planted several kinds of vegetables.”

About the negative effect of the poisonous gases, Hussein said: “After the plants were sprayed with the poisonous gases, they started to turn brown gradually.”

He said that the plants were not completely damaged, but he expected to be completely damaged by tomorrow or after tomorrow at most.

Israeli occupation destroyed all the Gaza farmers along the borders of the Gaza Strip during last summer’s Israeli offensive on the Strip. “That destroyed last year’s season,” Hussein said, “and this came to destroy this year’s season.”